The question most asked is “How much will it cost to professionally landscape my yard?”

The answer is not simple, it depends…

If you were to ask a contractor what it costs for a kitchen remodel the price would depend on the size of the kitchen and materials you choose. Similarly, outdoor materials are available in a wide range of options for patios, walkways, water features and plants. Popular features such as fire pits and LED lighting systems are transforming Central Texas yards into nearly year round night time destination hangouts- extending both the use and value of our homes. When you explore the photos on the Design My Yard website you’ll discover that our intention is transformation.

So you want a rough ballpark as to cost. As a reference point a majority of the landscape projects displayed in the Portfolio section of our website fall in the $10,000-$50,000 range. However, some shown are in the six figures and a few smaller ones were installed for less than $10,000. The garden features, materials used and size of the space impact overall cost.

Your landscape might require installation in phases if your wish list is greater than what you have allocated to spend. We frequently break large projects into smaller pieces for your convenience.

What do you want to invest in your outdoor space?

Once we discuss your budget, then see your space and what you want to accomplish, we can talk about options that fit your intention.

Our goal is genuine transformation. The “before & after” photos on our website are meant to inspire. If you like what you see on our site and desire major, radical, dramatic change in surroundings- we may be exactly what you are looking for.