Centennial Trail TX Landscaping

Centennial Trail Before/After

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When we moved into our new home our backyard was completely a blank slate with just dirt and one existing live oak tree. We love to have a beautiful yard, lots of color, and a place to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. The landscape plan provided all of this and more because Liz was able to think of ideas that we had not thought of to give us a great space. Liz came up with the idea of extending our existing covered patio to incorporate space for the grill and the table and came up with ideas to give us some privacy from the neighbors with the stone wall, plants, and the arbors on the side of the house. Working with her and her team was fun because we were participated in selecting the stone colors the pottery for the water feature. We now have a beautiful space that we can look at from inside our home as well as enjoy the outdoors.

Linda and David