North Austin Condo Landscaping

North Austin Condo Before/After

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We sought out Liz Klein to discuss the idea of creating a personal courtyard that embraced our external natural environment to enrich and renew us in an urban location. Liz and her design crew created a place that brings a sense of peacefulness that is challenging to find in a city. Our courtyard offers protection from noise and distraction, privacy, and a setting where we relax. From the beginning of this project, Liz provided an unusual but most appreciated “listening ear”. She recognized how little the patio offered to us and created a design that could provide relief and renewal of body-mind-spirit. Her attentiveness to our needs was a primary focus that carried through to the selection of materials and natural plants and foliage to buffer a hectic external environment that was filled with tranquility. Liz offered more than a business, this was her creation of a healthy and healing space for us. From the beginning to the completion of the project, Liz kept our needs first and foremost; she was consistently available and technologically savvy, often communicating with us on email or cell phones. She literally transformed unhealthy space into a healthy space for us.

The Clingermans