BeforAfter-Weslake Taxas Landscaping

Westlake Before/After

Design My Yard can help you do it yourself with the help of our consultation services or you can choose to hire us for your landscaping installation. Either way, we make it easy. View these beautiful transformations below and contact us!

Each day is a wonderful gift as we walk through the yard discovering new colors and growth. We’ve attracted 33 kinds of birds, many types of butterflies, native bees, and dragonflies with native plants. We spend a lot of time enjoying the “wildlife” and always look forward to feeling the dirt in our hands as we care for our garden. It’s our peaceful little oasis!

Liz listened to everything we had to say, had great ideas, and put together a design that really works for us. Willy and his crew are friendly, efficient, and work very hard. It’s been an enjoyable experience all around.

Linda Avitt