Central Texas Landscaping, Stonework and Xeriscape Services

Design My Yard Portfolio

The central Texas landscaping design company Design My Yard offers custom architectural design for your outdoor project. The creative expertise and years of experience owner Liz Klein brings to the table ensures a unique design that complements your home and lifestyle. It all begins with an introductory visit to your home where you will discuss your landscaping ideas, review your budget, offer innovative suggestions and take several photographs of the current yard. Soon after, Liz will schedule a second appointment to review a detailed proposal outlining the various elements of your design and provide an estimate of the associated costs. Upon your acceptance of the proposal, the design process begins.


Design My Yard will send a design professional to your house to assess your situation, evaluate your needs and give you options. If your project is simple, a quick on site sketch may be all you need. Fees for on-site consultation are hourly. Read More

Included in the Design My Yard Plan

1. Three (3) copies of your landscape plan (1/8th inch scale)
2. Shopping list of the plants included in your plan with suggested container sizes to take to the nursery
3. Plant reference booklet
4. Technical support

Landscape Design & Installation

Whether you are building a new home on untouched landscaping, or renovating your existing landscape, Design My Yard is ready to help you achieve the look you want for your outdoor space. We will work with you to construct a design that complements the specific characteristics of your home and property that of course fits within your budget. Some aspects you may want to start considering in your design include xeriscape gardens, stonework and waterscapes.

Design My Yard PortfolioXeriscape Gardens

Popular not only because they look great but also because they conserve on water, xeriscape gardens use plants that need very little moisture but provide a big impact on the landscape. This makes upkeep easy, and is perfect for the parts of central Texas that see long periods of little rainfall. And we’re not talking about just cacti here. Xeriscape gardens can be full of lush plantation and vibrant flowers.


Pathways, retaining walls and patios can add instant value and beauty to a home. We can use natural stone, brick and/or concrete to build permanent structures that are not offer utility but also provide visual paths for the eyes to follow.


Ponds, waterfalls and other water features create peace and tranquility within your outdoor space. Whether you’re seeking a serene spot to sit near in the garden or want to create a nice landing spot for butterflies and birds, consider a waterscape as a centerpiece or accent to your landscaping project.

Check out our portfolio to view landscapes, stonework and before/afters that showcase some of the work we are most proud of. Then give us a call at 512-657-1046 or send us a note to discuss your next landscaping project.