Customer Testimonials

“When we moved into our new home our backyard was completely a blank slate with just dirt and one existing live oak tree. We love to have a beautiful yard, lots of color, and a place to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. The landscape plan provided all of this and more because Liz was able to think of ideas that we had not thought of to give us a great space. Liz came up with the idea of extending our existing covered patio to incorporate space for the grill and the table and came up with ideas to give us some privacy from the neighbors with the stone wall, plants, and the arbors on the side of the house. Working with her and her team was fun because we were participated in selecting the stone colors the pottery for the water feature. We now have a beautiful space that we can look at from inside our home as well as enjoy the outdoors. ”

– Linda and David

“We truly love our new environment. Liz was able to turn the concepts that we could only articulate into a reality that now defines our home. Liz quickly came to understand our personality and motivation and was able to develop a design that truly reflected both. Working with Liz and her team was a pleasure. They met their commitments, worked hard, and were always willing to patiently listen to and implement new ideas as the design took shape.”

– Trisha

“Before Liz and her group transformed my yard, it was a lonely place. No one spent any time there except to try and keep the grass alive. The challenge of limestone under six inches of soil resulted in an a usually brown and crunchy lawn!

Two patios separated by a water feature complete with waterfall and stone bridge are now the place for family and friends. Pathways meander through the various raised beds and attract bees, birds, butterflies and a variety of dragonflies. Now the backyard is the focal point of all my home activities! The grass is gone, but I don’t ever want to leave.”

– Mary Ellen

“Before anything was done, my yard was just a yard…grass, and more grass. After Design My Yard did their magic, I am forever out in the yard, trimming, watering, watching, and learning about all the wonderful plants, flowers and butterflies and hummingbirds that come into the garden. I can’t tell you how many people have come over to see what a transformation there has been. Everyone has really loved what DMY has accomplished. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Liz and her team. Everyone was friendly, and very professional. They were good teachers. I would definitely work with Liz and the DMY team again. In fact I am looking forward to doing other projects in my yard with them.”

– LaDina

I highly recommend Liz and her team. As a guy I just want to get things done. With the use of her computer design and suggestions, I didn’t have to drive all over town to look at other projects or go to nurseries that often. She would give me the visual ideas of my yard pictured before and after. It made the decision process much easier. Installation and delivery was handled more efficiently then I could have imagined. My yard became a Caribbean Paradise. We have really enjoyed it.”

– Steve

“Both our front and back yards’ looks were completely transformed. Liz has a very practical imagination. She saw the end result almost from the minute she laid eyes on both yards, and the plans – which she did quickly – were exactly what we were looking for. The practicality extended to reasonable price, and her crews carried out her design in a timely and accurate manner. We’re thrilled, and the neighbors are in awe.”

– The Cartwrights